Sunday, September 8, 2013

Model: Rocker Stool

So in a wild flurry of activity I'm going to publish two blog posts in one evening. This one will however be quite short as I forgot to document the actual process.

I've been mildly obsessed with rocking chairs for some time now and would love to start building some of my own designs. I really have many in my sketchbook. Incidentally if you're similarly inclined towards rockers I just happen to run a blog that may interest you. It's mostly aesthetic in nature but a good source of wholesome rocking-chair based entertainment and you can find it here rockstream.

So here's my latest prototype of a very simple rocking stool. It was made out of balsa wood using a scalpel for shaping, 100 grit sandpaper for smoothing and the worlds tiniest awl for boring the post holes.

Here are two more after shots of the chair.


I hope to build rocking chairs to a much more human scale quite soon but for now this will mildly sate me.

John O'Shea

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